Our Services

Stair Plans & Stair Construction Services

Stair plans and custom stair construction are just examples of the complete suite of services provided by Roes Stair Co. We also offer initial client consultations, discussions with architects and builders, as well as on-site installations of your custom stairs and stairway railings if so required.

Our stair design department can incorporate any unique specifications of your stair plans into accurate and detailed drawings from which all of our stair building begins. Every staircase we manufacture is carefully constructed to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Stair Plans & Initial Client Consultation

The primary focus of the initial client consultation is to transform the stair plans in a customer's imagination into reality. The initial meeting with the customer may take place at the home site or at the Roes office with the Sales Rep. For out of town customers we rely more heavily on communication technologies to maintain close contact with builders, architects and homeowners. In most cases a final on-site measure will be arranged prior to custom stair construction.

Topics discussed in this preliminary stage include the design of the stair and railing as well as the appropriate function of the stair plans and they pertain to the design of the home. Stair and rail material is also decided, and once again, the overall matches are determined (eg. maple stairs to match maple flooring, or oak staircases to match oak kitchens).

The custom stairs and staircase railing should enhance the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the new home, or renovation. The main goal of the consultative process is to ensure the client has reviewed all of the applicable options, and is completely satisfied with the stair plans, and choices they have made.

Stair Construction & Staircase Manufacturing Process

Upon acceptance of the stair plans, the project is submitted to manufacturing, where it is reviewed by the Manager, and placed into production. The stair construction portion of the order is manufactured and assembled (without railings), and prepared for installation.

The requirements for stair railings are routed to the railing department, where all custom stair components are built and staged for delivery and installation at a later date. Stair delivery times vary depending on home contraction schedules. Roes Stair will work closely with your builder to ensure the timely delivery and installation of your stairs & railings.

On-Site Stair And Rail Installation

Roes Stair employs and maintains its own in-house stair railing installation crews that work locally and abroad. However, if you want your existing builder to install the stairs we can have the stairs and railings shipped safely to your doorstep. Roes Stair takes every measure to ensure the safe transport of your custom stairs & stairway railings.

Railing installation is normally scheduled just prior to the "move in date" of the home owner. Although the stairs are normally delivered and installed as one unit, in cases where accessibility is a problem, the stair components (stringers, risers, and treads) are delivered to the job site, and a crew will assemble the stair inside the home.

Large spiral staircases or small openings into the stairway often require this on site installation. The rail components (rail, spindles, posts and trim) are delivered to the job site, and completely assembled on the staircase by our rail installers. Installation fees and timelines will vary depending on materials selected and complexity of the project.

For over four decades Roes Stair has created the highest quality stair plans and stair construction in northern Michigan and Southwestern Ontario - including Sarnia, WIndsor, Muskokas, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and London.